What happens during the critical moments of competition?

Do you become a Warrior or a Worrier?

The pressure is on! You feel the butterflies in your stomach. Your palms are sweating, your arms and legs are tense and maybe a bit shaky…your heart is pounding, your respiration increases…

And now, it is the action …and what happened???

Did you perform well or choked?

All those physical sensations were supposed to be there; your body was preparing to perform. And two outcomes are possible

  1. You used all that energy to perform your best and broke your own record!


  1. You got over-focused on internal sensations, your mind was racing, you doubted your abilities, and you missed another opportunity!

The activation you experience before performance is needed to prepare you for the battle of competition. But sometimes, it can work against you.

Psychophysiological approaches to sport performance are about using the tools of stress management, muscle kinesiology, biofeedback, and neurofeedback to help athletes use the energy produced during the critical moments of competition to optimize their performance.

So, the next time the pressure is on, you will embrace it, wear your warrior’s face, and say; BRING IT ON!

Andrea C. Dias, MA, ABSP

Master’s degree in Sport and Performance Psychology

American Board of Sport Psychology; Board Certified Consultant in Sport Psychology