Mental Training and Biofeedback Training

During the stress of competition, the chemistry occurring in the athlete’s body is different from during practices. Did you ever notice a situation or a competition where you performed only 50 or 70% of your potential? It occurs because thoughts related to performance originate changes in the body. And physiological changes occurring in the body also trigger changes in the mind; the entire process occurs almost simultaneously. Accordingly, the interventions to enhance athletic performance must increase the athlete’s awareness of these changes. Mental Training and Biofeedback Training are the set of skills that athletes learn to prepare their mind and body to perform to the best of their abilities during the critical moments of competition. However, those skills are not like “one size fits all”. Each of us is different in the size of our shoes, height, the color of our eyes, our genetics, personality, and different in how we respond to certain situations. For this reason, interventions to enhance athletic performance must be developed according to the athlete’s needs.

The sport psychology professional assisting you must assess your strengths, weaknesses, and patterns of physiological responses during stress. Your mental coach must have training in sport and performance psychology, and sport psychophysiology to choose the appropriate intervention that will enhance the athlete’s performance.

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Andrea C. Dias, MA, ABSP

Masters in Sport and Performance Psychology

American Board of Sport Psychology; Board Certified Sport Performance Consultant