Mental skills” is the set of learned skills that help athletes regulate thoughts, feelings, and actions during practices and competitions. And by teaching you mental skills, I will be the personal trainer for your mind in sport. The sport psychology service that I offer is different from psychotherapy for athletes, and we are going to focus on the main variables that influence performance.

Some people believe that when they “feel better”, they will show their best performances, but feeling better is not always possible. In sport, there will be moments of unfairness that will produce emotions such as anger or sadness, there will be moments of fear and anxiety, and there will be moments of happiness and experiencing flow. However, the best athletes can perform well under any emotional state or circumstances; it is your everyday choices that will influence your future performance. If you want to improve your mental game and achievements in sport, we will work on what is happening during the practices, and prior, during, and after competitions. Then, “feeling better” comes from self-satisfaction for performing the best of your skills when you needed it.