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Estimating Services

The initial evaluation can be longer than regular sessions because of the interview, paper and pen assessments, and the psychophysiological stress profile. The initial evaluation can take up to one hour and a half and cost $185.

The purpose of in-person or online sessions is to teach athletes (client) specific skills for application in exercise, sport, and other contexts. Such instruction or interventions could focus on relaxation, concentration, imagery, positive self-talk, centering, goal setting, performance routines, Biofeedback, etc. The goal within performance settings is to help athletes (clients) understand, measure, and strive to improve elements of their performance. Mental Training does not include counseling services for life circumstances such as parental relationship distress, separation or divorce, and loss of a loved one. Mental Training does not include diagnosis or treatment of pathologies that can affect athletes such as depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, and others. The mental training sessions are 50 minutes long and cost $175. 

Mental coaches who have training in sport psychophysiology integrate mental (psychological skills), behavioral (the actions you take), and physiological training tools (Biofeedback) to improve athletes’ performance. So, Biofeedback is included in the mental training sessions, and there is no extra fee. 

Biofeedback sessions are available for the general population if clients are referred by a physician or mental health professional. Biofeedback is usually prescribed for conditions such as anxiety, pediatric headache, tension headache (adult), hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), migraine headaches, temporomandibular joint disorders, and muscle-related low back pain. Same as athletes, clients pay for the initial evaluation ($185) and the sessions ($175). 


  • A package of six sessions receives a 10% discount and costs $945. However, the services to address your concerns can have more or less than six sessions because each person is unique
  • Complete mental training package costs $1,100 (it consists of the initial evaluation and six sessions)



The Financial Factors Center (1164 Bishop street) has underground parking, and validation is available for clients. 



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"Pathways to High Performance". The video-guided mental training activities.