Dear Athlete,
Thank you for requesting the Mental Game Checklist. You can download the checklist below and I have also sent you an email with a download link.
Download The Mental Game Checklist

How to Get The Most Out Of The Mental Game Checklist

For each of the questions and in each situation (preparation, game day, at the venue, during the event, and after the competition) you can rate yourself. Then you add up the scores, and the higher scores are what you are looking for because it is associated with better performances during competitions. However, this is not a test to determine if you are a “good” or “bad” athlete. The main goal is to give you feedback and increase your awareness of the areas that can be improved. The mental game checklist is personal, and please, do not compare your score with the scores of your friends and teammates because this is NOT how things work. Keep your scores to yourself and always work in getting better than your past performances. If you hire me as your mental coach, I will teach you the mental skills to increase your score in the areas that need improvement, which will lead to better performances, enjoyment, and commitment to your sport. 


Andrea Dias, MA, ABSP

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